Fashion Office NYFW Predictions for Fall 2016

Christmas may be over, but at the Macy’s Fashion Office, everyone’s favorite holiday is finally here. New York Fashion Week starts today and before the first model even hits the runway, our style insiders gave us a peek at what they think will be next season’s top trends. So, just what will we all go gaga for in Fall 2016? Let the fashion fortunetellers shed some light…

Fall 2016 Fashion Trends: Arty Prints and Crafty Elements

“I love a maximalist approach with an explosion of color, arty prints and craft embellishment, all which generate a strong movement toward individualism.”  Nicole Fischelis, Group Vice President

Fall 2016 Fashion Trends: Oversized Coats and Novelty Prints

“For the upcoming NYFW, I am expecting to see the continuation of easy and oversized silhouettes. Also, the element of novelty and DIY has been such a major influence in many collections lately.”

– Kenneth McCoy, Assistant Fashion Director

Fall 2016 Fashion Trends: Denim Bellbottoms & Flared Trousers

“I predict on the runway and streets we will be seeing flares in a variety of materials (denim, ponte, stretch). This has been an emerging trend, but I think thistime around we will be seeing it in a big way!” – Alyssa DeSio, Associate Fashion Director

Fall 2016 Fashion Trends: Red Velvet & Red Lace

Forever red, especially in velvet, shine and lace!” –Giovanna Cavagnaro, Creative Director

Fall 2016 Fashion Trends: Retro Designs and Abstract Prints

“I hope to see more of the retro 70’s moment with abstract geometrics, A-line skirts and flare legs.”

– Abbey Samet, Director of Global Forecasting

Fall 2016 Fashion Trends: Mixed Patterns & Whimsical Expressions

“More is more. I want to see maximalism continue in print mixing, embellishment and whimsy.”

– Sam Muglia, Trend Forecaster

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