Everything You Need to Know About Fragrance Layering


A few of the perks of being a celebrity include fancy cars, party invites for every night of the week and your very own fragrance. While we can’t do anything about the cars and parties, we happen to know just how to create your very own signature scent. The key is fragrance layering, also known as simply combining two or more perfumes to create a unique mix. All you have to do is follow a few rules and you can tell all your friends you’re officially celeb status!

The Basics
To ensure your scents blend, always apply the heavier scent first and don’t wait for it to dry before spritzing on the next. You can even spray them on in different locations (one on your wrist and one on your neck, for example), but never use more spritzes than you would with just one fragrance. You can’t start spraying on your entire perfume collection and call it a win, unfortunately. So make sure you pair scents that will complement rather than compete with one another, try our favorite combinations, below.



Create a custom floral bouquet by pairing two different flowery fragrances. For a unique blend, layer a delicate, light scent with a bold and earthy aroma. An easy way to tell if the fragrances will work well together is to see if they share a common note.

Try: Chloe Fleur de Parfum + Tory Burch Absolu



Sugar and spice have always been an unbeatable combination and it’s no different here. A feminine, sweet perfume gets a sultry and sophisticated upgrade from a spicier base scent. Think of it as wearing your day fragrance and night fragrance at the same time.

Try: Opium by Yves Saint Laurent + Prada Candy



More often than not, what does anyone want when they’re sitting by the beach? A fruity cocktail, of course! Which is why it’s no wonder that crisp, ocean-inspired fragrances would pair perfectly with sparkling, citrus scents. Create your own tropical vacation with two of your favorites.

Try: Giorgio Armani Acqua di Gioia + Calvin Klein ck one


Shop these pairings­­—or create your own favorite combination—with the amazing collection of scents at Macy’s.


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