Epic Night on 34th Street: Pro Skateboarders Take Over Macy’s Herald Square

Yup, you heard that correctly. We invited six pro skateboarders to Macy’s Herald Square in New York City to take a spin through the store… and it’s all caught on camera in our latest commercial. Check it out then see how it all came together!

Secret Skate Park

On a Monday night back in June, we waited for our NYC store to close and then stealthily brought in quarter pipe ramps, grind boxes, round rails and more. Our team worked quickly to create a course that traveled multiple floors, including One Below (our amazing juniors’ floor) and even the roof! From 10pm till about 4am, Macy’s Herald Square was officially a skate park.

Meet the Stars

Our amazing skate crew included Danielle Melendez, Beatrice Domond, Andrew Valencia, Liam McCabe, Fabiana Delfino and Ko Hyojoo. They came to us from across the country and even the globe—international sensation, Ko, hails from South Korea! Not only were their tricks insane, but their energy was contagious. They cheered each other on, taught each other new moves and loved sailing through the store. The night ended in hugs and number exchanges. Wishing we could do it all over again!

And we’re rolling…

Literally rolling. Our cameramen hopped on skateboards and traveled with the crew to capture every flip and grind. Plus, they zoomed in on the amazing outfits that fashion stylist to the stars, Masha Orlov, put together. The ensembles were designed to go with the flow of the skateboarding action, and happen to be perfect for back-to-school, homecoming and beyond.

Love what you see? Shop more looks for back to school at macys.com.

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  1. Love the commercial seeking to meet entice a new generation of women skateboarders. would love for them to keep the theme going and design a line of clothes geared and fashioned for performance skateboarding. go macys!

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