Easy Weekend Nail Art


Sure, nail art’s all the rage, but when you have trouble staying in the lines with a single coat it sounds pretty intimidating. While I was going through NYFW pics I found this look, and I’m hoping it’s something even the non-nail enthusiasts can recreate and enjoy! 


The essie Nail Team created two versions of these tips for the Veronica Beard Runway Show, both mixing metallic with either a deep berry or pastel polish. I happen to love the mint version for summer! It’s the perf mix of girlie pastel with a cool slice of copper to keep it modern. Depending on where you place the brush, you can leave only a tiny sliver of color peeking through or a more pronounced V-shaped point, so play around a bit to see what works best on your tips. Once you’ve mastered the technique, have fun mixing and matching any two lacquers you’d like! Here’s how to recreate this look at home.


1. Start by applying a coat of essie Penny Talk


2. Allow the polish to dry and then use essie Turquoise & Caicos or Mint Candy Apple to paint over the nail, leaving only a V-shaped slice of metallic peeking through. I do this by placing the brush on the left side of my nail and sweeping the color up and across in a diagonal.


3. Repeat, starting on the opposite side of the nail to complete the look. Think of it almost like painting an ‘X’ across each nail, but the color will be completely filled in on top. If you can still see metallic peeking through, repeat steps 2 & 3.


4. Once your nails are dry, apply a top coat to make your masterpiece last.





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