Don’t Leave For College Without These Hairstyling Musts

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Bad hair day? That’s so high school. College is all about tresses styled to impress, no matter if you have an 8am class or a late night cram session. The key is simply to stock your dorm room with top-notch hair products and tools that actually work. And lucky for you, coed, we’re getting your hair care shopping list started with a few of our trusted favorites…


The first step to hairstyling is making sure your locks are manageable. So using a conditioner that hydrates, prevents tangles and strengthens hair is an absolute must. Ahava Mineral Conditioner is up to all these tasks with the added bonus of enriching strands with incredible minerals straight from the Dead Sea. Hair still feeling a bit flat or dull? Give tresses a boost of volume and shine with a dose of StriVectin Max Volume Bodifying Radiance Serum applied to clean, damp hair. Now, your mane is ready to look stunning in any style you choose. But what happens once you create a killer look and you really want it to last? Enter: Dry shampoo, every girl’s best friend. We’re seriously obsessing over philosophy amazing grace dry shampoo because not only does it instantly cleanse, volumize and texturize hair, but it also smells, well, amazing!

Featured · Ahava Mineral Conditioner, Strivectin Max Volume Bodifying Radiance Serum and philosophy amazing grace dry shampoo.


Now that your hair is looking and feeling its best, it’s time to get styling. First, give yourself an at-home blowout with the T3 Featherweight Luxe 2i Hair Dryer. This frizz-reducing and shine-enhancing dryer works fast, especially when paired with the tourmaline barrel brush to give hair that beautiful bounce. Then it’s time to decide if you’re going with a curled or straight style. If it’s a sleek straight look you seek, reach for the T3 SinglePass Luxe Professional Straightening And Styling Iron. Reducing heat damage to your hair, this tool straightens with just one pass through your strands. Plus, negative ion emission seals the cuticle, eliminating frizz and delivering mega shine. If that coveted curly or wavy look is more your style, we recommend the T3 Twirl Convertible. With the same cuticle sealing and shine enhancing technology as other T3 tools, this curler features interchangeable barrels so your can customize your curls to the perfect shape. Choose a bigger barrel for a wavier look or a smaller barrel for spiral curls

Featured · T3 Featherweight Luxe 2i Dryer, Straightening and Styling Iron and Twirl Convertible.

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