Dive in & Discover the Latest Summer Scents for Men & Women!

It’s that time of year again … The limited edition summer scents are out, and based on what I’ve been smelling, everyone is ready for the beach! From sunny Malibu to Romantic Capri, there’s a fragrance that captures every part of sun-soaked summers around the world. And if you’re a life of the party type, one scent includes frozen lime and tequila accord among the fragrance notes, so you can quite literally take the party with you wherever you go! Cheers to summer.


You know I love Issey Miyake, right? Well this season, their limited edition scents are more playful than ever before! Pink and blue starfish and seahorses dance atop every bottle, serving as your personal invitation to relax, enjoy, and dive into the sun-sparkled waters of summer.

Issey Miyake L’eau d’Issey Pour Homme for summer is an energetic take on the original. Fruity and fresh, it opens with zest of kiwi, pineapple and grapefruit mingled with spicy cardamom and nutmeg, but the warm woody base of vetiver and cypress is what I love. I’m still a forever fan of the original, but this is a pretty delish option for summer!

L’eau d’Issey Summer  for women I’m most excited about. As much as I love it, the original has never settled properly on my skin. This slightly sweeter, sparkling version does the trick! Familiar floral and aquatic notes blend with a bright mix of grapefruit, exotic guava, passion fruit and litchi, topped off with a touch of warm vanilla.


The limited edition Calvin Klein Eternity for Men and Eternity for Women Summer  were inspired by a peaceful, blissful, relaxing day at the beach. The men’s scent opens with a tonic of effervescent juniper berry, juicy pear and fresh basil, combined with earthy and aromatic cardamom, lavender and thyme at the heart. Finally, amber sandalwood and musks bring warmth reminiscent of summer. I love the burst of juniper berry, and of course cardamom and lavender are a few of my favorite scent notes, but what actually drew me in first was the seafoamy sea glass bottle. The women’s scent I actually prefer over the original. A blend of water-soaked peony, waterlily and gardenia intermingled with sparkling mandarin, crisp bamboo, lush pear and soft, sensual musks.

Calvin Klein CK One Summer – Created to be worn by either gender or shared, this limited edition version is a beach party in a bottle! Frozen lime, grapefruit and mouth-watering melon open this colorful concoction, combined with freesia, cypress and wait for it … tequila accord … at the heart! Finally, coconut water, cedarwood and crushed sugar finish this summer cocktail, errrr scent. Seriously, did someone say margarita? LOL. I think this baby needs to come with a cocktail shaker!


I have to tell you, I’m a big fan of Cali, so maybe that’s why I adore this Juicy Couture Malibu collection. It’s just so fun! The limited Meet in Malibu scents bring together the west coast’s effortlessly cool attitude with the bold glamorous spirit of Los Angeles. It’s all about celebrating the City of Angels!

The Juicy Couture Malibu scent is free-spirited with a mix of L.A. glam, combining whimsical pink passion fruit and sparkling jasmine notes. Couture La La Malibu embodies the effortlessly glam California attitude, while showing off its colorful L.A. spirit with sparkling mandarin notes and sweet pink sugar. I think I’d actually wear Couture La La Malibu during the day and Juicy Couture Malibu at night, which makes the double-ended rollerball perf!


I had already planned to share the new Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Escape to Panarea and Light Blue Pour Homme Discover Vulcano with you, which is why I left this in, but it’s only a glimpse for what’s to come. After receiving these fragrances nestled inside hollowed out books that tell the story of Panarea and Vulcano, it seemed wrong not to share. Together, the scents bring to life a journey of two lovers and their Mediterranean summer. To be continued


Admittedly, I’m less familiar with Jean Paul Gaultier scents than all the others, but I’ve always, always been fascinated by their bottles and artful designs! In fact, I’m still obsessed with the Navy-inspired Couples Collection and latest summer editions continue to feed my recent need for all-things nautical. Trust me, it took a lot of self-restraint not to sprinkle this post with whimsical illustrations of marine life and mer-people! On that note, let’s talk scents.

Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male Summer  and Le Beau Male Summer are overtaken with the strength of an octopus, attracting whatever he desires. Le Male opens with notes of mint, ginseng, ginger and lavender, held in a base of warm vanilla. Le Beau shares an opening of mint but blends in violet leaf, lavender and sandalwood to create a scent that’s light but masculine.

Classique Summer is transformed into a sensual mermaid that gracefully swims among the coral and the starfish. Top notes of rose and citrus zest float among a heart of sambac, jasmine, vanilla and musk.

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