Dior’s Ricky Wilson Dishes on Spicing Up Your Holiday Beauty

Where do I even begin … Dior’s go-to celeb Makeup Artist (MUA), Ricky Wilson, is the industry pro I secrectly call the Zen Master of Beauty (or not so secertely anymore). Not only is he amazing at his craft, but a visit with Ricky is as calming as nearly any spa visit  and you always walk away looking fab! He’s also the MUA who started my obsession with Dior Brow Styler, Lip Polish and Diorshow Maximizer and pretty major in the kitchen as well. Next time around, I’ll see if I can get a recipe, but for now he’s dishing up advice on holiday beauty, spicing up your lip look and more. xx

Q. What tips do you have for taking your look from the office to holiday party?

A. Taking your makeup from day to holiday soiree has never been easier, because the famed “evening” makeup trend is a thing of the past. There is no need to add a ton of foundation or more blush and darker colors to make your look more evening appropriate.

This holiday season is all about jewel tones. You can have lots of fun with this while sitting in the office! First, you want to make sure your makeup base (foundation/concealer) is fresh. You can use SkinFlash Radiance Pen to perk up your under eyes. Next, take a jewel toned shadow and pop a bit on the eyelid for an instant snap to the eyes and refresh your mascara. Lastly, just throw on a bit of a bright lipgloss or lipstick and you are set to go!

720office to partyQ. Lips and nails – matchy, matchy or contrasting? 

A. I have always been a fan of matchy lips and nails. But, with the current trends in nails there is so much room to have fun by using a contrasting color or even using more than one color. I like to add a touch of the golden polish to the deeper and more vibrant shades for fun!

720lip nailQ. Some women feel uncomfortable wearing a bold lip. What are your recommendations for finding the right shade? Any application tips to help ease into these colors?

A. Women need to experiment with different colors and lipstick is the easiest way to do so. I always tell my girls that cooking with just salt and pepper is boring and very bland. Add some spice to your lips! I like using bold colors of lipstick, because they make a nice statement without having to do any tricky eye makeup.

As far as tips, it’s best to try on a bold color first at your beauty counter and make sure you have the right components to create your lip look. Bold colors often require a liner and a lip balm for moisture so they stay put. And, every woman should own a red lipstick! Just like the black blazer and the little black cocktail dress, it’s iconic and timeless. I love all shades of red but am partial to a blue-based red which I find works on the majority of women.


Q. What role do you think scent plays in the world of beauty?What does someone’s fragrance say about them?

A. Christian Dior said that you can tell more about a woman by her fragrance than her handwriting. This is so true. A woman can be defined by her fragrance. If she is soft and shy, she will be in a soothing floral. If she is sexy and flirty, she will be in something that is bold and intoxicating. I actually recommend fragrance based on the makeup style I am doing. I can’t have a dramatic Diva with a smoky eye and a sexy red lip in a spring time floral fragrance!


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