A Day in the Life of A Firefighter Turned Model, Dusty Lachowicz

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From a small town in Wisconsin to the Big Apple, Dusty Lachowicz shares his journey to becoming a model (spoiler: took a detour from firefighting and personal training), and how he keeps his physique in tip-top shape. Curious what the day in the life of a model looks like? Well, Lachowicz spills all below! (Another spoiler: you need lots of protein to have muscles like his—9 eggs worth in one meal!)

Name:  Dusty Lachowicz

Occupation:  Firefighter, Model

Hometown:  Wisconsin

starmBLOG What does your typical morning look like?

starDL“Wake up, eat breakfast, read for about 45 minutes, have a protein shake then head to the gym. I’m also really into podcasts right now, currently listening to Tim Ferris.”

starmBLOG So you’re a breakfast eater, what’s your go-to meal?

starDL“Yes, 100%. I believe everyone should eat breakfast. I always have oats and fruit—they’re my go-to and coffee. I have to have coffee.”

starmBLOG How many times a week do you work out? Do you work out in the morning or at night?

starDL“I work out about five times a week. It can get tricky when I’m traveling and shooting but all in all, Monday through Friday. I give myself Saturday and Sunday off, sometimes I’ll do some cardio on Saturday, but Sundays are my days off for sure. I prefer to work out at night, but with my unpredictable schedule, I force myself to go in the morning.”

starmBLOG How do you prep for a photo shoot? Does your diet or workout routine change?

starDL“I don’t [laughs]. Since I’m a tall person, I got signed carrying a lot of muscle, so they expect me to look like this at all times. But if I know that I’ll be shooting shirtless, I’ll be strict with my eating habits. I always do my best to stay ready, so I don’t need to get ready.”


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starmBLOG What motivates you on those days when you don’t want to train?

starDL“The end result. I feel great immediately after a workout, and when I see the end results of photo shoots. It’s not just about how I look, but a lot about how I feel. I think it’s important that everyone stays active. Your workout routine doesn’t have to be super challenging, just get active. And once you start, you’ll probably get addicted to the feeling too.”

starmBLOG It’s commonly said that you can’t out-train a bad diet. Do you have a strict diet? What’s something you look forward to eating on cheat days?

starDL“Yes, you definitely can’t out-train a bad diet, which is why I always eat super clean. It’s very hard to eat on the run, so I like to have premade food I can throw in my backpack. I think it’s key to be prepared for the week. If you think about it, I’m only in the gym for 1 hour a day, 5 days a week, which is less than 4% of my time, so the other 96% is spent outside of the gym. And I hate to call it a diet, because diets are temporary—it’s a lifestyle. So yes, I eat super clean during the week, but Sunday is my cheat day. I have my go-tos, which are pizza, chicken wings and Chinese food—and I can eat a ton of it. It’s fun, you have to reward yourself and have something to look forward to.

starmBLOG Do you ever supplement with smoothies or protein shakes? What are some of your favorite things to add to the recipes?

starDL“I have smoothies every night, just with some fruit and Greek yogurt—Greek yogurt is great to eat before bed. And I drink protein shakes before and after my workouts. I eat an absurd amount of protein to repair my muscles after working out… my post workout meal consists of 9 eggs (3 whole, 6 whites), 1.5 cups noodles and 1.5 cups of veggies. Also peanut butter is my guilty pleasure. It makes all shakes and smoothies better.”

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starmBLOGHave you always wanted to be a model?

starDL“I always thought modeling was interesting—like for billboards, television, ads, etc. I graduated as a firefighter in the EMT, so it was never my intent to become a model. After I became a firefighter, I did a bit of traveling and then didn’t really know what I wanted to do. I was still interested in firefighting, and I knew I always wanted to do something that would help people. I got my personal training certificate at National Academy of Sports Medicine. And the week I got my first job as a personal trainer, I got signed with Ford…”

starmBLOG Wow, you got signed with Ford the same week as your new personal training gig? How did that happen?

starDL“Thankfully I landed with a very good match. I walked into Ford and they really took me under their wing. They just showed me around and really helped me, and I’ve just been really grateful with everything so far. And now I’m here, shooting for Macy’s!”

starmBLOG What has been the most challenging part of this new life?

starDL“People assume models have it easy. But in reality we face rejection every day. I push myself to make sure I do all that I can, but if they still say ‘no,’ you have to realize you put in your all and it just wasn’t meant to be. You can’t take everything personally, and must trust the process—building a resume takes time.”

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  1. I have been trying to purchase the “Under Armour” workout fit that “Dusty” is wearing and have not had any luck. I went on your website and also went to your flagship store in San Francisco. I really want that fit. What must I do to get it?

    1. Hi Terrence — unfortunately, there have been some delays with this particular item. Please check back around 9/15 — hope that helps! – Nora at Macy’s

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