A Day in the Life of Dustin Jones at Macy’s China

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to pick up and move across the world? Well, Managing Director Dustin Jones, did just that when Macy’s expanded to its newest location in China. Today we’re chatting with him about how he’s adjusting to his new life, what he misses most about NYC and tips on how to climb the corporate ladder…

mBLOGWhat was the biggest adjustment moving across the world?

starDJ Moving to Asia meant a complete comfort-zone change, and the hardest part was the impact it had on my family. I came to Hong Kong with full support from a great company and people who knew me and cared about me. For my family, however, they had to find networks of support one-by-one and had to deal with the change in their own individual ways. We have grown together through all the changes, but that growth has not always been easy. Other than that, I would say the work schedule has been difficult to manage. When you have dealings with the USA and Asia, business is happening around the clock. This means early morning and late-in-the-evening calls, while getting the rest of business done during “regular hours”. I’ve had to learn how to balance this in my own life and then learn how to lead balance in my organization.

mBLOGCan you describe a typical day at the office? We hear that breakfast starts off with sandwiches.

starDJThere is never a typical day at the office. I’ve had to do a lot of travel this year to set up the business with 18 trips into China and 5 trips to the United States. Every trip is a quick one, so adjusting to time change can be tough, but it’s been amazing to see a country that I knew way too little about. During the time leading up to November 11th (11.11), the largest shopping day of the year (in China), we worked nine weeks straight from 8am-12am. The day of 11.11 we were awake and working for 42 hours straight! I’ve never been so exhausted, yet it was an amazing experience with strong results.

mBLOGDo you get to travel around the country often? What has been your favorite place to visit so far?

starDJA lot of people question whether Hong Kong is China or a separate country. There’s a lot of confusion on this, but it’s actually a Special Administrative Region of China, which means a lot of things legally; and Macy’s China is headquartered out of Hong Kong. My favorite place so far in China is the Great Wall—I was beyond impressed with this World Wonder. I also love Shanghai, it’s one of the best cities in the world from a technology, diversity, and culinary perspective, and very different than the rest of China.

mBLOGIs there anything you miss about New York City?

starDJI miss a lot of things about New York City. Having lived in NYC for 11 years, it is my home. The options for interesting and new restaurants in NYC are endless and there are so many healthy options to choose from. Hong Kong has a lot to offer in terms of restaurants, but it cannot compare to NYC and there are very few healthy choices. I also miss the fitness scene; working out and training is the one thing I do for myself every day. I joined a fight club here next to the office, and it’s like the one you see Sylvester Stallone workout in Rocky. Sometimes I laugh at how “hard core” it is, but it’s been great for me to learn a new type of fitness.

mBLOGLooking ahead, where do you see Macy’s China in the next five years?

starDJ In five years, Macy’s China will be a much different than it is today. It’s hard to say how different because we are so small but growing so quickly, we’re filled with excellent talent that’s setting the bar high for success. The Macy’s brand is our #1 asset and we are so lucky to be building a brand that is as much about entertainment, experience, service and lifestyle, as it is about product available to sell.

mBLOGYou started your career in fashion at a very young age. Any advice for those looking to climb the corporate ladder?

starDJ My advice is to make sure that in any task you’ve been given, to see that your standard for that task is better than any boss or supervisor could set for you. Those that truly succeed live off of their own benchmarks for success and not those set by others. Beyond that, they need to ensure that they are in career paths that drive their curiosity. If you’re not in a place where you are asking yourself questions all of the time, you’re not in a place where you can fuel growth. Curiosity is the fuel of success.

Want to learn more about Dustin’s experience in Macy’s China? Visit Macy’s Coast to Coast for the full scoop.

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  1. Thanks for the article! I loved getting insight to what’s going on with Macy’s China. Thanks for the inspiring words Dustin!

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