Cyber Sunday Monday Specials to Shop Right Now

What could be better than getting all your holiday shopping done in one day? Getting all your holiday shopping done in one day, without getting off the couch! Cyber Monday, the sale event for those of us who spent Black Friday reheating Thanksgiving leftovers, is back with amazing specials you can snag from the comfort of your own home. Did we mention the online deals start right now? Keep reading to find out what you should add to your basket (changing out of PJ’s not required)!




Material Girl sweater; Charter Club hat and gloves; Vince Camuto hobo bag; White gold diamond stud earrings.




Calvin Klein tech gloves; Levi’s thermal shirts; Hawke & Co. down jacket; Rockport slippers.




Fiesta dinnerware; KitchenAid mixers; Cuisinart food processor; J.A. Henckels cutlery; – Circulon Espree cookware.


Shop all our Cyber Monday specials and receive Free Shipping with your $50 purchase at

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  1. Your customer “service” is one of the worst I’ve ever dealt with. I called the customer service number on your website to try and get a rebate form for items I’d ordered online. It took me six minutes just to fudge through your automated system to get a real person, and I only got a real person by pushing the buttons to place an order. It seems to me that, once the order is received by the customer, your urgency to resolve any problems disappears. I ended up speaking with an Oriental person with a very heavy accent who apparently didn’t understand what I wanted, because she asked for a ton of personal info (name, address, phone number, order number, email address, etc) yet STILL did not tell me how to get a rebate form. She then placed me on hold for over fifteen minutes, after which I hung up. I tried another phone number my girlfriend had saved on her rebate form, as it was labelled Rebate Customer Service, but there is absolutely no way to speak to a real person at that number, which took me over ten minutes to find out. So, you can be assured I will be talking to CT Consumer Protection Agency. In CT the rebates are supposed to be given at the register, and I had ASSumed that that meant any order purchased in CT would have the rebate applied to the order, instead of going through this malarky. Your system of rebates stinks and your customer service is even worse. Why don’t you just simplify things, save people a lot of aggravation, and just give the buyer the best price? Is that such a hard thing to do? I don’t think I’ll be shopping with you online any time soon.

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