Easy Cranberry Cocktail Recipes for Friendsgiving

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Whether you’re hosting Friendsgiving or just looking for an easy recipe to contribute to the potluck, here’s one your guests will love. We turned to Macy’s Culinary Council chefs—Marcus Samuelsson, Michelle Bernstein and Takashi Yagihashi for their fave (& easy) cranberry cocktail recipe—perfect for this time of year.

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by Chef Marcus Samuelsson

Looking to brighten up a dark winter day? With your choice of peach or pineapple garnishes, this cocktail’s refreshing tropical flavor will immediately add a bit of sunshine to your table this holiday season.

1 oz. vodka
1 oz. pineapple juice
½ oz. Matilda Peche Liquor
½ oz. cranberry juice
¼ oz. lime juice
A piece of fresh peach or pineapple

Shake all your ingredients together, and serve on the rocks. Then garnish with a few cubed pieces of peach or pineapple.

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by Chef Michelle Bernstein

Make the most of cranberry season and create your own cranberry simple syrup and taste the difference in your cocktails! Trust us, it’s worth the little extra effort.

For the spritz:
1 oz. Campari
1 oz. cranberry simple syrup (see below)
3 oz. prosecco
A little sparkling water
A few fresh slices of cranberries

Fill a glass (either a large rock glass or a good-sized stemmed glass) with ice cubes. Pour in the Campari and cranberry syrup then add the prosecco. Top with a splash of cold sparkling water and garnish with cranberries.

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Cranberry simple syrup recipe:
1 cup water
1 cup sugar
Zest of 1 orange
2 cups fresh cranberries

Place all the ingredients in a saucepan over low heat. Allow the cranberries to soften and extract, then strain the cranberries and allow to cool. You can store this in your fridge for up to a week.

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by Chef Takashi Yagihashi

Wow your guests with a Japanese-inspired cranberry cocktail with Shochu instead of vodka. With a lower percentage of alcohol content, it won’t overwhelm the other flavors.

1/3 cup Shochu (Japanese spirit distilled from barley)
2 tablespoons Cointreau
1/3 cup cranberry cocktail juice
¼ cup fresh orange juice
1 slice of an orange peel

Stir all the ingredients together and serve in a 15-oz. Collins glass and fill with ice.

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