College Dorm Room Essentials: A Last-Minute Checklist

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Attention, Freshmen! College can be a scary place to navigate. We get it. And while it’s the good kind of scary—where you’re anxious and excited at the same time—we still want to help take the edge off, which means being super prepared. So even if you’ve got your comforter, sheets and beanbag chair all lined up (you know, the big stuff), here are a few things you’ll also want to add to your list.

College dorm room essentials


You’re going to want a bright, clean space to get work done.


If your bathroom is down the hall, you’ll def want one of these. (Pro tip: Don’t forget to bring your towel & keys!) But, if you’re one of the lucky ones & have an ensuite, try an over-the-showerhead organizer instead.


Because when your friends are hanging out in your room, you’ll want your laundry to be out of sight.


When a dresser and closet just won’t cut it, think shelves and stacking cubes.

Featured: Lite Source desk lamp; Design Ideas magazine file; Casabella shower caddy; Charter Club shower organizer; Neatfreak pop up hamper; Neatfreak storage unit

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college dorm room essentials


Sometimes piling your clothes on your desk chair is easier than putting them back in your closet…so you’ll be happy you brought one of these with you.


For days when leftovers or ramen noodles sound more appealing than trekking to the dining hall.


Because all-nighters and 8 a.m. classes are a freshman rite of passage.


It doubles as a white noise machine and also keeps you cool during those warm-weather months.

Featured: Joy Mangano mini steamer; Fiesta utensils; Culver highball glasses; Keurig coffee machine; Fiesta luncheon plates; Fiesta bowls; Vornado retro fan

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college dorm room essentials


It’s an easy way to hang up your calendar, to-do list and mementos from home.


Show off your personality with a variety of décor. Unique pieces can be great conversation starters!


Your favorite photos deserve some special treatment, so display them in chic-looking frames.


Never misplace a ring or earring again. Find a jewelry box that fits your needs and also makes a stylish statement!

Featured: Umbra bulletin board; Paris At Dusk canvas wall art; Botanical Bloom canvas wall art; Umbra wall planter; Umbra picture frames; Umbra jewelry box

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We hope you’re excited to get to campus.

To make sure you don’t leave anything behind, download our ultimate dorm checklist here! And be sure to check out some more of our fave dorm essentials.

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