Celebrate Scent Event with 2 Perfume-Inspired DIY Manis

When I heard Donna Karan was launching two new fragrances this fall, Liquid Cashmere Black and Liquid Cashmere White, I was excited. When I heard Paintbox (the hottest mani spot in NYC!) was creating fragrance-inspired nail designs to support the new scents – be still my heart! Pretty perfume + posh manis, it’s like a match made in Heaven! I couldn’t wait to share the collab with you, but then I realized something … While everyone can enjoy the gorge new scents, not all of you are in NYC to experience the amazing luxury of a Paintbox mani. Luckily the Midwest girl in me (That’s the part that remembers always wanting to have access to the same things as the NYC crowd!) sprang into action! Just before Fashion Week/Month madness took over, my friend, Paintbox Creative Director & the beauty behind these fab nail designs, Julie Kandalec, recreated the looks just for you. Thank you Julie + thank you Paintbox of the beautiful imagery that follows! Now read on loves, because your DIY Liquid Cashmere Black and Liquid Cashmere White manis await. xx


With a mix of black cherry, patchouli & rich praline, Donna Karan Liquid Cashmere Black is a sultry, surprising version of the lighter classic scent I’m used to, and I absolutely love it! To complement the smoky black bottle, Julie created a design called Opposites Attract, mixing deep black with shimmering gold accents. Here’s how to get the look at home.

Step 1 – Apply essie First Base Basecoat followed by two coats of essie Licorice.

Step 2 – Next, use a dry brush technique to paint a swirl of metallic polish across nails. Using essie Good as Gold, wipe most of the polish off of the brush, then start at the bottom corner of each nail and paint on a soft, curved line that mimics the shape of the fragrance bottle. As you sweep on the color from bottom to top, apply slightly more pressure to the brush from the mid-point up to create a thicker line. Note that the metallic polish isn’t meant to have a smooth, consistent finish, so have fun and don’t worry if your swirls aren’t perfect! The design is called Opposites Attract after all, so a slightly edgy metallic wave against a smooth black base, is total perfection. At least that’s my opinion.

Step 3 – Finally, since the original Paintbox design seen here was created using foil, we decided to add a little bling to give our DIY mani the same wow-worthy finish. To achieve the look, layer essie Rock at the Top over the Good as Gold polish. Repeat if you want more glitter, or use the brush to place a few pieces of the golden flecks onto nails if you want to keep things simple. Once dry, finish with essie Good to Go Topcoat.


Closer to the original Cashmere Mist, Liquid Cashmere White is fresh and airy, mixing sparkling notes of bergamot with creamy vanilla and musk. And of course Julie came up with the perfect mani + perfume pairing, a design she calls Rise & Shine, a beautiful white ombre that seems to float atop your tips!

Step 1 – Start with essie First Base Basecoat followed by one coat of essie Allure, the sheerest milky nude shade that works on literally everyone!

Step 2 – Next, you’re going to layer three coats of essie Marshmallow to create the white ombre finish. We all know white polish can get streaky real fast, so Julie recommends either applying the polish one nail at a time, adding layer after layer while the polish is still wet or waiting until one layer is completely dry before adding the next coat. I would recommend testing out each technique to see what works best for you. The wet application is my preference, so I’ll walk you through that process here.

Going one nail at a time, apply the first coat of Marshmallow polish about 1/3 of the way down the nail, almost like a French tip. While that polish is still a little wet, layer on the second coat, starting about half way down the nail and pulling the color up toward the tip. Finally, go back and add a third coat of lacquer, starting about 2/3 of the way down the nail. Finish with  essie Good to Go Topcoat for a beautifully blended ombre effect. Repeat this process on each nail.

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