5 Reasons We’re Crushing On All Things Red

Happy February! Aside from love being in the air (Valentine’s Day) and high fashion in the streets (New York Fashion Week), this month just happens to be the perfect time to pay homage to the classic shade of red. So why not incorporate a pop of it into your outfits and your home? Here’s how we’re doing it……


The Ultimate Home Organization Guide

There’s nothing better than coming home to a clean, well-organized space, whether it’s a tidy kids’ playroom, pristine home office or as simple as styled bookshelf. And seeing that now is a time for resolutions, below are a few tips and tricks on how you can keep each part of our home de-cluttered and stress-free. [...…


More Home Improvement Ideas from HGTV®’s America’s Most Desperate Kitchens®

In this week’s episode of America’s Most Desperate Kitchens®, engaged couple Trevor Runnels, a firefighter, and Kellie Baker, a nurse, were desperate for a reboot of their 1950s ranch home. Purchased from Trevor’s grandparents, the California abode was in need of a new kitchen and living room — and who better to take o…


A Lesson in Home Remodeling from HGTV®’s House Hunters Renovation®

As computer chip designers, Texas couple Caitlin and Cory spend all day staring at their monitors, so naturally, they’d like their first together home to be quite the opposite of their tiny workspace. Lots of land, close to town, an open floor plan… these are just a few of the things at the top of [...]…


Which Dorm Room Décor is Right For You?

It’s no secret that dorm rooms are short on space (for those with a closet, lucky you!), but it’s also your home away from home, which means it should certainly feel like one. Knowing this, we curated three collegiate-friendly setups with three distinct personalities so that you can find the one that’s perfect for you.…


Decorating with Our Fave Design Trend: Copper

If there’s one element of décor you should add to your home, make it copper! This warm metallic tone can cozy up a room, and instantly give any space a modern yet rustic feel. In fact, there’s so much to love about it, from cookware and glasses to lamps and vases, we couldn’t help but [...]…


Kelly Ripa Stays Close to Home with Her New Design Collection at Macy’s

Mom, wife, television host, comedienne… it’s no surprise that Kelly Ripa has quite the roster of talents. Add designer to that list—and voila!—you have the new Kelly Ripa Design Collection. A first for the on-screen personality, the debut line features bedding, rugs and even furniture, and it’s only at Macy’s. To give …


Shop the Room: Relaxed and Rustic Boudoir

Now that Old Man Winter has finally shown up to the party, it’s important that your crib is in optimal cozy mode for what could be a long ride ahead. Before you break out an extra throw blanket and call it a day, allow these tranquilly chic home trends to get you (and your home) [...]…

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