Catching Up with Fashion Designer B Michael

Designer B Michael, B Michael dresses, B Michael fashion designer

Known for his ladylike silhouettes with unexpected textures, hues and details, B Michael is one of the industry’s most notable designers. And today, we’re catching up with fashion mogul who’s recently been feted with the Lighthouse Guild Design Visionary Award for his incredible designs and his love of philanthropy. Keep reading as he reveals his styling tips for mixing fabrics and shades, and what has him inspired for Spring ’17.

Designer B Michael, B Michael dresses, B Michael fashion designer

102016_lwh_b_michael_image03Congratulations on receiving with the Lighthouse Guild Design Visionary Award earlier this year. How much is philanthropy a part of your life?

102016_lwh_b_michael_image04Thank you! It was an honor receiving the Design Visionary Award from the Lighthouse Guild. I view philanthropy as a way of being a part of the ‘whole’; it connects us to other sectors beyond our own space. Along with my business partner and life partner, Mark-Anthony Edwards, who is co-founder and CEO of b michael AMERICA, we are hands on with causes that promote empowerment and opportunities for young people through education and the arts.

Designer B Michael, B Michael dresses, B Michael fashion designer

102016_lwh_b_michael_image03What can we expect to see from your Fall collection?

102016_lwh_b_michael_image04The Fall collection consists of rich textures and jewel inspired colors. I also love the shimmer of gold and silver this season, especially for evening. Overall the feeling is luxe with an edge.

102016_lwh_b_michael_image03Any style tips for the season? Is there a trend you can’t get enough of?

102016_lwh_b_michael_image04My style tip for the season is using a b michael AMERICA topper or bolero as a way of mixing up textures and colors. Another big trend this season is off-the-shoulder, in both short and long dresses — it feels glamorous and modern.

102016_lwh_b_michael_image03What inspires you these days?

102016_lwh_b_michael_image04As I’m currently working on my Spring’17 collection, I’m inspired by the idea of artistically mixing elements and shapes to create a single artistic statement.

102016_lwh_b_michael_image03What advice would you give to aspiring fashion designers?

102016_lwh_b_michael_image04The opportunity for aspiring fashion designers is to present an authentic point of view in contrast to the mega-brands. There will always be a need for something special.

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