Catching Up with Designer Joyce Azria of Avec Les Filles

avec les filles, Avec Les Filles Marie Bow Block-Heel Mules, pink mules, avec les filles new collection

Allow us to introduce Joyce Azria, creator of Avec Les Filles, a new and exclusive collection of classically femme styles with Parisian influences. And can we just say, we’re obsessed. The bows, the blush tones, the romantic details…it’s all just so perfect for spring. Would you expect anything less from the daughter of BCBG founder and designer, Max Azria? Keep reading to get the scoop from the designer herself on what inspired the line, styling tips for the season and the best fashion advice she’s ever received.

starmBLOGWhat inspired your new line? How did you come up with the name?

starJAI’m constantly inspired by my customer; the millennial, she has my heart. I love to dive into her world and the way she shops, so I wanted to create a movement and brand that was inspired by her lifestyle. The name, Avec Les Filles, (that’s French for “with the girls”), is my brand promise. I promise to stay in tuned to her and create product that fits into her world.

avec les filles, Avec Les Filles Marie Bow Block-Heel Mules, pink mules, avec les filles new collection

starmBLOGAs a designer, your days are probably jam packed with meetings and events post work… what’s your secret to taking office wear into the night?

starJAI think almost every piece of clothing in my wardrobe works as hard as I do. Making something appropriate for day or night is about styling and attitude. The best way to transition any piece of clothing is confidence. When you feel beautiful in a sweatshirt at a cool dinner spot, it’s your attitude that makes every head turn.

starmBLOGThe mule returns this season—what’s your favorite way to style this shoe?

starJAGive me a mule any day. I love the thin sock and mule look—it has a retro feel all while staying sweet and youthful.

starmBLOGWhat is your ideal weekend outfit and where would you be headed?

starJAMy weekend look is the Avec Les Filles pleated black and white midi skirt paired with the bow tie sweatshirt. It feels relaxed and needs only a change of shoes to take me from day to night. While I’m “mama” at the park in Converse high tops, the Avec Les Filles Bella slides takes me straight into the night with chic, Parisian vibes.

starmBLOGDo you have one must-have piece that every girl should own?

starJAWhat I love about fashion today is that I can pair things that are valuable to me with things that are less expensive and easy. I would say there are two pieces that every girl should own. A lace front lingerie cami and a boucle jacket. I could see myself wearing the cami tucked into a skirt at night or layered under cool outerwear. I also always wanted a chic, French-inspired city jacket to wear with jeans in the spring and over a black, head to toe look when it gets chilly in the fall.

starmBLOGWhat is the best style advice you’ve ever received?

starJABe you. Fashion is about individuality and what I’ve learned from a lifetime of fashion is that people respect people who are themselves, through and through. The best style is truthful style.

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