Bridesmaid Gifts for Getting Ready on the Big Day

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There’s no better time to thank your crew than the morning of the big day. It’s the girls’ “party before the party” complete with hair, makeup and pretty dresses. These gals were ready for duty since day one, so you’ll want to treat them to some super fun (and very useful) goodies to put them in full-on celebration mode. Here’s what we’re thinking…

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1. Easy-to-Use Lashes Here’s something bridesmaids love to rock, but forget to bring. It’s a quick way to go glam—after all, all eyes will be on them, too.

2. Essie Gel Couture Kit Who wouldn’t love gel-like shine that lasts up to two weeks? Bonus: you’ll ensure that there will be no chipped or neon nails flashing in your wedding pics. *wink, wink*

3. sip sip tumbler Help your girls stay hydrated all morning long with an adorable cup that begs to be filled up. And since this tumbler is not see-through, you can also discreetly get the party started—say with some mimosas? Sip, sip, hooray!

4. Thalia Sodi Satin Robe We’re all about the bridesmaids pic in matching robes. Talk about #squadgoals! Plus, it will be easy to slip into without having to worry about messing the ’do.”

5. Cosmetics Case Gift your crew a chic and adorable makeup bag to stow all their morning-of musts.

6. Mini Perfume Set Perfume seems like a no-brainer. But what we love about this set is that the bottles fit in even the smallest of evening bags. They’ll have the option to choose the scent they love for the big day and save the rest for later.

7. kate spade new york Activity Tracker This activity tracker is way more than just a pretty face which is why your friends will adore it. You can guarantee that they’ll be on time, and it’s easy to whisk off during pics. Oh, and dancing counts towards your step goal with this beauty—how fun?!

8. All-In-One Makeup Kit These days, many brides opt to have their bridesmaids’ makeup professionally done, and that means the girls typically leave their beauty items at home. But touch-ups throughout the day are a given. Gift them a kit with the essentials, and they’ll be worry-free.

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