The Black Friday Bucket List

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Heading into Black Friday without a plan? Ha, that’s for newbies! As certified shopping pros, we never take on a big sale without the proper preparation. So, what do we have planned for the biggest shopping event of the year? Our tried and tested Black Friday Shopping Bucket List has us hitting all our favorite specials of the day. But the sale doesn’t stop there. Don’t forget to check out the complete list of Black Friday deals to plan how you’re going to save big.

1. Strut around in those cute new $19.99 boots and magically feel like a million bucks.

2. Score 60% off a down coat and secretly wish for snow.

3. Grab stylish Ideology activewear for $19.99 and finally take advantage of that pricey gym membership.

4. Get 5 different cashmere sweaters for the hubby because they’re only $49.99 each and he looks great in every color.

5. Snag 60% off Samsonite luggage now. Plan trip later.

6. Debate whether to get a Michael Kors, Kate Spade or Ralph Lauren handbag and wind up getting all three for 40% off. 

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7. Plan the most adorable holiday card photo ever when you spot Family Pajamas at 60% off. 

8. Buy that 14-pc. Rachael Ray cookware set for $89.99 because learning to cook is your New Year’s Resolution every year.

9. Get the kiddos ready for winter with 50% off cold-weather accessories. Pat yourself on the back for being the best mom ever. 

10. Rest your head on a cozy Calvin Klein pillow for just $6.99 after a very long day of shopping.

Kids Cold Weather Accessories, Disney Frozen snow hat, Spiderman hat, gloves, scarf

Plan your very own Black Friday Shopping Bucket List and get a preview of all the epic deals now.

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  1. I wish Macy’s would offer the same deals for online shoppers. I do understand the hype associated with lining up for great deals but even a lot of regular good buys are in store only. It seems unfair to those who cannot get in store due to physical health conditions? Just an observation and hope that some exceptions can be made. Thank you, Cindy

    1. Cindy, I truly feel what you are saying it seems as someone should advocate for the group of people you mention. However, this lining up in front of the store have brewed creative minds. There are people who wait in long lines and all night if have to, to get those deals and now they sell this as a service if you could believe it, you can pay someone to wait in line and pick up those desired items you want for an added cost. Black Friday I’ll be online personally not into the crowds…

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