Behind the Lens: Getting to Know Fashion Photographer Chris Craymer

From capturing the beauty of an exotic locale to turning a studio into another world, photographer Chris Craymer has a talent for bringing amazing fashion to life. That’s why Macy’s called on the veteran shutterbug to hit the road and create incredible images for our spring fashion campaign. Naturally, we just had to pick the brain of this creative genius. Check out our chat, below!


Fashion photographer Chris Craymer Macy's


mBLOG: You’ve had an incredible photography career, how did you get your start?
CC: When I was 17 I met my father for the very first time. Looking back, it was in some ways a pretty emotionally challenging time for me, but there was one magical part of it. My father turned out to be a photographer and he gave me a tiny camera, an Olympus Trip. I can honestly say that immediately when I put my eye to the viewfinder, I had this overwhelming thought that “I can do this!” I essentially never looked back and becoming a photographer was the best decision I ever made.

mBLOG: Do you remember your first photo shoot?
CC: My first paid shoot was of two mime artists in London. I received a £20 fee. I could not believe anyone would pay me to shoot pictures. I shot them at night on a timed exposure. They were both wearing white and the images were pretty surreal. To my surprise, they were actually exhibited in an art gallery on the Kings Road in London. It was a perfect start for me.


Fashion photographer Chris Craymer Macy's
mBLOG: Are there any fun stories from the set or on the road?
CC: Well I love having fun on set. Sometimes the weather provides it’s own challenges. I remember one time on the Long Island Sound we were on an amazing 1920s racing yacht. We were shooting spring/summer but it was raining, cloudy and cold. So we lit the pictures and made it look pretty much like sunshine. For me this is just playing and having fun with the team around me.

mBLOG: How do you and ways to push your creativity?
CC: I find our industry is full of inspiring people. I like to listen to their stories and learn from them. I have actually just had a book published about some of these wonderful people. It is called “From The Heart” and is published by Damiani. It is a book of photo essays and words about 12 people who inspire me.

mBLOG: Do you have any advice for aspiring photographers?
CC: I think we are now all image makers and not just photographers. I would encourage young photographers to embrace not just still photography, but visual imagery on a wide platform to include video, the written word, social media and most importantly their own vision and work. I believe that creatives want to see your personal vision and for a young photographer to create this they need to show a personal approach that makes them different from the rest.

mBLOG: What photographers, artists or designers do you and most inspiring?
CC: I love the work of Bruce Weber, Koto Bolofo and Arthur Elgort. For me, all three create wonderful stories that make me feel an emotional response when I see their work. This is the most important ingredient for me as a photographer and they have immensely influenced me.

mBLOG: What are some of your favorite hobbies outside of photography?
CC: I have a convertible 1986 Mercedes SL500. It is quite a work in progress and I want to restore it to its former glory. Driving this car is romantic and incredibly fun.



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