Adam Lambert Talks Fashion, Music and Photo Shoots for Macy’s American Icons

If Adam Lambert were applying for a job, he’d have quite the résumé. International superstar. American Idol front-runner. Grammy® nominee. And, as of late, the face of Macy’s lifestyle brand, INC International Concepts. So, we sat down with the multi-faceted artist. as part of our American Icons celebration to chat about his most recent photo shoot, his personal style and just exactly what being iconic really means.

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mBLOG: As you know, we’re
celebrating the best in music and style for our American Icons campaign. So, what in your opinion, makes someone — or something — iconic?

AL: I think finding one’s “lane” is part of the recipe. Really making their own, particular mark on the world through their principles, style and spirit.

mBLOG: You also partnered with INC International Concepts for our fashion book – and got a first look at the latest collection. What did you think?

AL: I found the collection to be modern and effortless. Less is more. Chic.

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mBLOG: The pics look amazing — you definitely rocked those outfits! Are there any favorite trends on your radar this season?

AL: White is awesome. It’s clean and it really stands out for menswear.

mBLOG: How would you describe your personal style?

AL: I like a lot of variety. I def look to the runways for ideas and trends. I’m also not afraid to take risks and push new ideas.

mBLOG: Do you think music has the ability to influence fashion?

AL: Most definitely! I’m always drawn to trends that remind me of my favorite artists. I think fashion also has the ability to influence music as well… unlocks the imagination.

mBLOG: Ok, we couldn’t end without asking: Who’s your favorite American Icon?

AL: The recent passing of Prince had me revisiting all his music videos. He was fearless and eccentric in his style. I think his sense of fashion had a special sense of humor about it. He will be greatly missed.

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  1. Macy’s could not have picked a hotter , more talented and the best fashion sense person than Adam Lambert . We love this man & will follow him anywhere. Great taste Macy ‘s. ????

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