8 Things You Didn’t Know About Austin Mahone

Austin Mahone

We all know that Austin Mahone is an amazing musician and a total heartthrob. But when he joined our music festival photo shoot for American Icons, we learned so much more about the talented singer/songwriter. Check out some of the fun facts Austin spilled below! Even the most dedicated Mahomies might learn a thing or two…

He’s a real

Austin collects shoes.

He dreams BIG.

Someday Austin would love go
on his very own world tour.

Don’t call him a

His biggest pet peeve is
slow walkers.

He can make music anywhere he goes.

Austin never leaves home
without his portable studio.

Austin Mahone facts

Austin Mahone facts

He’s a huge fan of
Honest Abe Lincoln.

The 16th president is his
favorite American Icon.

He has a soft spot
for critters.

He would neverdream of
hurting an animal.

Music isn’t
Austin’s only great achievement.

He is most proud of is his family.

You won’t catch
Austin ordering extra
guac on his burrito.

The one food he can’t stand
is avocados.

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