7 Back to School Beauty Essentials

Back to school, three little words we love to hate. They mark the end of a carefree summer and time for alarm clocks, backpacks and homework – boo. But, they also mark the beginning of fall (my fave season!), football, seeing your friends daily, and of course shopping!!! My favorite part about heading back to the halls was always the guaranteed shopping trip(s) for new clothes, shoes, beauty, and even office supplies. Have you seen Kate Spade’s notebooks, pens, & planners? Well, don’t judge me on the office supplies until you do! While I can’t be responsible for your entire back to school spree, I am qualified to school you on the beauty essentials that would surely earn you some extra credit in my class! xx


First things first, skincare should always be your top priority! Regardless of what you might think, nothing kills a good hair day or perfect outfit buzz faster than unexpected acne, stressed out skin or dark circles. You know I’m right, which is exactly why you’ll want to have a Clarisonic on hand to kickoff the school year!

Its built-in sonic technology helps to clean skin 6x more effectively than washing alone, and it’s a product I personally swear by. For years it’s been my secret weapon to maintaining a clear complexion, even if my schedule is so cray I can only use it once a day. Plus, I love that you can customize the cleansing brush to meet your personal skin concerns and there are so many fab colors and patterns to choose from your personality will shine through even when you’re washing your face. It’s a true skin savior!


Of course you’ll need a skincare system too, and I love, love, love the Shiseido Ibuki Collection! In fact, it’s the exact skincare system I bought for my niece, and you know if I’m gifting it to my family I believe in it wholeheartedly. The gentle formulas feel great on your skin and smell totally amazing too! Both of those things are really important to me, because when it comes to skincare I believe if you’re excited about your products then you’re much more likely to actually use them. And believe me, as a Beauty Editor, nothing would make me happier than for you to be excited about following a daily skincare regimen!


Next up, a little something that’s going to change your life, or at least make it ‘look’ like you got some shut eye when you really pulled an all-nighter – bliss Instant Energizing Eye Masks. Unfortunately I’m all too familiar with the realities of a cray schedule still (hello dark circles!!!), and these beauties are equivalent to a triple venti latte for your eyes! In 15 minutes flat they brighten with the help of glow-inducing oxygen and vitamin C and pummel unwanted under eye puffiness with cucumber extract so you can show up for class looking like you’ve already aced the exam – YES!


No matter how hard we fight it, on occasion acne still happens to all of us. That’s why it’s best to be prepared with this Estee Lauder Spot Treatment! Its potent formula allows you to target and treat that pesky pimple or unwanted undergrounder with triple action technology that also reduces the size of blemishes while minimizing redness and irritation.


Okay, okay, skincare isn’t the only thing you’ll want when you head back to school. I have a few additions for your makeup bag too! Let’s start with two of my every day staples – liner and oh la la lashes. Black eyeliner and mascara are a given, so take this opportunity to toss out those old products and start fresh!

In addition to basic black, this fall you’ll also want to be armed with a little eye candy to liven things up. Thankfully with the brill new shades of benefit They’re Real Mascara & Liner adding an instant pop of color has never been easier! And don’t be afraid loves, makeup is meant to be fun. An easy place to start is by layering any shade you like over black. Try adding a touch of purple or blue on the tips of lashes or retracing just above your black liner with a pop of green!


Next, I do believe lip gloss should be counted among your BFFs! I know everyone is going matte, but believe me, matte lips are not something you can sweep on sans mirror while rushing through the hallway or running across campus for class. Please don’t try it! Instead, add Urban Decay Revolution Lip Gloss to every book bag and purse you own. The colors are gorgeous, the formula feels rich and creamy, and I guarantee the application is so effortless you won’t even have to switch your camera to selfie mode … You’ll probably want to anyway though!


Finally, we all need a little CC in our lives and Clinique CC Cream happens to be my personal fave. With the help of a magical iridescent lavender powder in the formula, it makes instant complexion perfection for every skin tone seem almost effortless. 

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