6 Picks For a Scent Shakeup!



True confession. Until I took on the role as Macy’s Beauty Expert, I was basically a scent soloist. Regardless of the many beautiful bottles that topped my armoire, I spritzed on Chanel Chance every day. I suppose there’s nothing wrong with that, but really – how boring!


It’s like limiting yourself to only one lipstick or topping your tips with the same shade of polish every time you get a mani. When I thought about it that way, it seemed so wrong, like mini panic attack wrong. Can you imagine – one lipstick!?!? But as with all beauty emergencies, I realized there’s a simple solution. It was time for me to hit my fragrance cabinet, push my olfactory boundaries, and spice up my life with some new and much more exciting fragrance options! After testing a lot of notes and I’m certain annoying my co-workers with spray after spray, here are the six lovelies I landed on…





Bulgari Mon Jasmin Noir L’eau Exquise is the only newbie of the bunch. It’s crisp and clean with citrus notes of Pink Pomelo, mellow Jasmine White Tea, and fresh Green Almond. Every time I smell it, it makes me think of a picturesque sunny day where you have the windows wide open and think to yourself, “Ahhh, the beginning of summer is finally here.” 







The first time I smelled Prada Infusion D’Iris, I wasn’t the biggest fan. Since then I’ve discovered that most of my fave fragrances share one note in common – Iris – so giving this scent a second go round was kind of like, duh. I grew up with the gorgeous flower, and even though I can’t remember it being overly fragrant, it obviously made a lasting impression. Now, I’m planning to layer a little Prada on in the evening for a scent that’s fresh with a bit of edge, just the way I like it.






Florals are typically a bit too proper for me, and wouldn’t you know I end up loving one created in homage to princesses past, present, & future … The irony! But this quest was about pushing my own boundaries, so it was time to find the right floral for me. Amazingly, I don’t think I’d ever smelled the original Flora by Gucci likely because of its name alone. What a shame. Peony (my favorite flower) and citrus start off with a sweetness that’s spiced up thanks to pink pepper and rich sandalwood. What’s next, shopping for a crown???






Talk about another huge surprise … I never would have expected Estee Lauder’s Private Collection Tuberose Gardenia to be part of my fragrance fan club. Even though I was smitten with the scent in the bottle, I never expected that I could or would find myself reaching for such a pure floral. Still, it’s happened, and every spray is like the next best thing to having fresh Gardenias on hand. If you love the flower, I promise that you won’t want to pass up this perfume. It captures the essence of a Gardenia in a way that I didn’t know was possible. It’s pure liquid gorgeousness.






Spicy has always been more my speed, so this was the easiest part of my scent-capade. For day, I’m adding Donna Karan Woman into the mix. To me, this perfume is like contradiction in a bottle. It’s crafted to celebrate the many facets of a woman from nuturing to sensual, but the smoky, statuesque bottle and notes seem – masculine. Luckily, I appreciate a little contradiction from time to time. Orange Blossom adds a feminine touch to sandalwood and vetiver, but the scent actually reminds me of pulling on a favorite sweaters that’s been safely stowed away in a cedar closet.





For night, I’m turning to Lancome’s latest lovelies, La Vie est Belle. The name in French means “Life is beautiful”, and the fragrance was created to embrace life with joy, freedom, and the confidence to make your own happiness. It’s a heavier scent, which for me conjures up images of a thick, rich syrupy texture (not in the maple sense). Its sweetness comes from praline, its spice from Patchouli, and surprise, surprise, its key floral is none other than Iris! Know what else I love about this fragrance, the curved line inside the bottle represents a smile, which is exactly what I do every time I see it.




So, these are the six scents I’ll be spritzing on as we settle into this New Year. Now it’s your turn, what new notes will you try??? If you’re not sure where to start, try our Fragrance Finder. And just a warning, once you start down the fragrance path it’s a bit addictive but really fun!






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