5 Reasons to Wear a Smart Watch This Season

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We weren’t sure we needed a smart watch (we already have a smart phone!) but now that we have one, it’s hard to imagine our lives without it. In sync with our mobile devices, these watches do everything from telling time (of course), sending us notifications, tracking our fitness goals and just adding more convenience to our everyday lives. Not convinced you need one? Keep reading to see why we’re all so googly-eyed over wearable tech.


We’ll admit it: we’re totally glued to our phones, and a smart watch may be the answer to picking up our phones far less during the day. And no, we don’t mean dodging mom’s calls, but keeping the constant urge to check our notifications at bay. If it’s important, your smart watch will notify you and a quick and subtle glance is all you’ll need to decide whether or not you need to switch your focus. P.S. It’s much more polite than pulling out your phone.

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stay connected

It’s a no brainer that smart watches put phone functions right on your wrist. You can text, answer emails and even make phone calls without ever picking up your phone. These high-tech watches have preselected responses, emojis or dictation all ready to be sent from your wrist.

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Like a lot of new tech, smart watches are embracing the voice control trend. It’s the easiest way to unlock everything your timepiece has to offer. From appointments and meetings to emails and fitness, all can be accessed straight from your wrist just by asking! Ask Siri, or “OK Google” to set reminders and you’ll never forget when your next doctor’s appointment is or when it’s your turn to pick up the kids from school. Talk about convenience!

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Stay motivated to maintain a healthy lifestyle with the built-in activity tracker. Track your steps and distance walked, calories burned and your heart rate all on your watch. Did you resolve to walk those recommended daily 10,000 steps? Now, you can easily keep track! Bonus: you get a watch and a fitness tracker in one.

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Wearable technology has entered the fashion world in a big way. Gone are the days of big, bulky, plastic tech watches and instead are fashionable accessories in a range of sizes, styles and finishes. Also, with interchangeable watch straps and customizable faces, you can personalize and style it differently as often as you wish. Want to change your style from day to night? One quick swipe of the screen gives you a whole new look.

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