5 Reasons Why We’re Crushing on Pastel Home Décor

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It’s March! Which means, visions of spring are dancing in our heads—and that includes what to do with all of that amazing pastel kitchen and home décor out there right now. Aside from harboring totally calm and relaxed vibes, these ever-so-soft shades have the ability to effortlessly transition any abode. Whether you’re looking to go all out or just add a few accents here and there, you’ll want to have a look at these ideas below.

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While many of your heavy-duty cookware may be hidden behind cabinet doors, this large enameled cast iron casserole in the prettiest shade of mint green deserves a spot on your counter. P.S. We’re coming over for dinner tonight!

Shop · Martha Stewart Collection Enameled Cast Iron 6 Qt. Round Casserole

powder blue lamps, pacific coast mineral table lamp, baby blue table lamp, pastel lamp

Put a little light on the subject with the simple addition of a retro-inspired, baby blue table lamp. It’ll do wonders for the way your room feels, kind of like having your own tiny beach retreat. Place it on an end table, a desk or your console, and you won’t be sitting in the dark when it comes to decorating with the newest trend, that’s for sure.

Shop · Pacific Coast Mineral Table Lamp

Lenox, violet dinnerware, pastel dinnerware, pastel bowls

Whether you’re eating your breakfast cereal or a post workout acai bowl, your next meal is guaranteed more likes when served in Insta-worthy bowls. After all, they say, “You eat with your eyes first.” So go ahead, snap away and you can thank us later.

Shop · Lenox French Perle Groove Bowl

pastel highball glass, water glasses, Bormioli Rocco

When the air is fresh and the sun is out, quench your thirst with an ice-cold drink in peach-tinted, tempered glasses. Having the girls over? Serve simple, refreshing cocktails garnished with seasonal herbs and fruit. Cheers to spring!

Shop · Bormioli Rocco Rock Bar Set of 6 Highball Glasses

Whatever your choice of neutral, the soft hue is the perfect alternative to stark white dinnerware and a great transition into the warmer weather. The versatility of this shade makse it easy to host everyone from your in-laws your to your childhood besties.

Shop · Lenox French Perle Groove Bowl

Like what you see? Visit macys.com for more pastel home accents

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  1. Are you going to bring back the mint color?? I LOVE it, but it’s now sold out. I feel like that’s a color that should stick around. It’s very popular. Disapointed I missed out on getting it cause I just discovered this cookware.

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