5 Home Bar Essentials for the Aspiring Cocktail Connoisseur

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There’s no denying that one of the most important elements of home entertaining is ensuring a guest’s glass is never empty. What you fill the glass with, however, is another story entirely, and some gatherings just call for something a bit stiffer than the old bottle of wine. So whether you’re on a mission to wow some friends with 50/50 martinis or just feel like whipping up an Aperol spritz for yourself after a long day of work, these are the five essentials you’ll need to get the job done (and look like a pro while you’re at it).

copper trays, home bar, home bar accessories

Perfect tray

Just like olives are to a dirty martini, a home bar is nothing without its stage. If you have a small space, a bar cart might not be an option (if you’re interested, these are gorge!). But all you really need to get started is a great tray to set atop the surface of your choice and voilà: instant DIY bar cart at a fraction of the cost (and a touch of creative design).

copper bar set, home bar, bar accessories, cocktail shaker

bar set

This gorgeous copper bar set is a one-stop shop for the home bartender; its contents include an ice bucket and matching tongs, a jigger for measuring liquids, a bottle opener, a shaker with both a top strainer and a separate coiled strainer, and last but not least, an ice pick for when things get really serious.

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Ice, Ice, Baby

Not many people know that the quality of one’s ice can significantly impact the outcome of a drink — while it’s not exactly realistic to use spring water sourced from a babbling brook at the foothills of an exotic mountain range in your ice for optimal flavor profile, you can very easily at least make the ice as aesthetically pleasing as humanly possible thanks to this magical ice tray that produces crystal clear cubes each and every time.

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Decanter &

Again, presentation is key, and the visual element that glassware provides is often one of the most noticeable components of a cocktail. Don’t skimp on this part—if you go through all the trouble to make a beautiful drink, that should most certainly be supported by and reflected in the vessel in which it is served. Your guests will love Waterford’s stunning, weighty crystal.

home bar, geode coasters

Coaster to

While it may seem like a minor detail, a unique coaster can change the game (and protect your table while they’re at it). We’re obsessed with these stunning geode coasters—the perfect (and practical) finishing touch.

Inspired? Head to macys.com to stock up on home bar essentials— for our favorite cocktail recipes, click here.

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