4 Reasons Why We’re Crushing on Health and Wellness

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New Year, new you, right? Come January 1st, everyone and their mothers (including ours) make a New Year’s resolution to better themselves—especially one that is health related. Bouncing back to reality after an indulgent holiday season definitely isn’t an easy task. Need some inspiration to get motivated and lead a healthier lifestyle? Here’s a few ways we’ll be getting back on track and sticking to our resolutions.

When you look good, you feel good. And while your health journey isn’t only for the physical benefits, it sure is a major plus. Who doesn’t want to feel great in their own skin? And when you find that you need a little extra motivation to go to the gym, a new workout outfit might just do that for you. Treat yourself to proper exercise clothes and stay on top of your resolutions!
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You’ve heard it before, but drinking water is key to maintaining good health as our bodies are composed of about 60% water. With that said, if you find remembering to constantly drink water challenging, go get yourself a water bottle—preferably one that’s reusable and keeps your drinks hot & cold. If it comes in your fave color and or pattern, that’s a major plus!
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Keep yourself organized with a dedicated gym bag, whether that’s a duffle or a backpack. Hitting the gym before work? It’s always best to set aside your workout clothes the night before so you can get those extra ten minutes of sleep in the morning. And if you prefer to workout at night, have your gym bag packed and ready to go so when you leave for school or work, you can just grab and go. Leave no room for excuses!
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There’s nothing more demoralizing than getting a foot injury caused by inappropriate shoes, especially at the start of your health and fitness journey. To avoid such a derailment, invest in a pair of sneakers that are functional for your workout of choice, there are a variety of shoes for every type of exercise. Need a sneaker to take you from your brisk morning walks to running errands around town? Try a pair of black Nike Free Runs—comfy & fashionable for everyday wear.
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