3 Mommy & Me Looks for the Best Mother’s Day Ever

mother's day, mommy and me outfits

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Everyone knows imitation is the sweetest form of flattery, especially when it’s a little girl imitating her mommy. This Mother’s Day, instead of playing dress up with mom’s wardrobe, it’s all about sporting Mommy & Me looks that are matchy-matchy in all the best ways. Take a look at the three super adorable ways to be twinning all day long.

mother's day, nike, matching outfits



Cardio can be a family affair when you rock these comfy and cool active rompers on a morning jog. Or maybe you’re more of a playtime at the park or kicking around a soccer ball kind of pair. Any way you play, you’ll be doing it in style.

Featured · Nike girl’s and women’s
racerback romper

mother's day, mommy and me dresses



Talk about an Instagram-worthy moment! These gorgeous spring dresses are the picture-perfect way to celebrate a day that’s all about mom. Bonus: Mom will love the on-trend off-the-shoulder look.

Featured · Maison Jules embroidered dress for women and girls and Nanette by Nanette Lepore flatform espadrilles.



Kick back, relax and have a spa night
with mom’s new beauty gifts
all while rocking these cheeky and cute pajamas. And maybe (just maybe!) someone will give mom the gift of sleeping in late tomorrow morning!

Featured · Mommy & Me Morning Pajamas
for women and girls.

Now that you’ve got adorable matching outfits, find the perfect gift for every type of mom at macys.com/gifts
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  1. Ok they are cute but not what I am looking for. First the shorts and dresses are wayyyy to short, the dresses could be a little more similar and more outfits are needed for the summer. I’ll check back and see if anything new comes along.

  2. I love this! My daughter and I have dressed the same everyday since she was born! We always wear the same colors and/or versions of outfits! You must set a presendence for your little one about looking presentable! She almost 6 years old now and gets upset if I don’t have the same colors on as her! She now keeps me in line! ❤️😉

    1. That sounds like lots of fun, Susan — we love that she’s learning style tips from you! – Nora at Macy’s

  3. Agree with Dawn! We need mommy and me outfits all year round! Matching dresses, coats, boots, bags, etc. its super cute and fun to do with kids. Even include whole family outfits (husband, wife and kids), will be cute to dress alike to go to parks, family outings, vacations, etc. Make them all year round not just for special occasions…please consider!

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