15 Well-Groomed Father’s Day Gifts Starting at $18!

Father’s Day is Sunday, which means any “last minute” shopping should start right about – now! Since I’m in the same boat, I rounded up 15 grooming gifts suitable for nearly every dad and budget, from unexpected & quirky to unforgettably stylish.


Tools & Accessories

1. If your dad sports a ‘stache, put a bow on this $18 Tweezerman Gear Moustache Set! It’s an unexpected gift that says you love his style.

2. I’ve said it before, every man should own a personal groomer. At a minimum, it’s the fastest, easiest way to shape up sideburns and maintain a clean hairline. But based on all the rave reviews and multiple attachments, I’d bet this Conair model will quickly become one of your dad’s favorite grooming go tos.

3. The Art of Shaving Manicure Set doesn’t stop at nails. This trio or tempered steel tools includes clippers, scissors to address unsightly nose hairs, and tweezers, all inside a sleek case that provides easy access and portability.

4. If your dad’s serious about skincare or simply a gadget junkie, then investing in a Clarisonic Aria is the way to go! Not only will he love the modern design and advanced technology, but this little wonder will up his grooming game forever.


Face Savers

5. The tell-tale sign your dad needs Clinique Post-Shave Soother – that red, rashy razor burn he’s wearing around his neck and jawline. Help him save face with this aloe-infused formula that comforts and hydrates his skin after shaving.

6. & 7. I’ve tested my share of men’s skincare, but when the pros over at Men’s Health talk products, I listen! Both Kale Naturals Smooth Shave Cream and Task Essential Skin Feed Moisturizer have earned a coveted Men’s Health Grooming Award for good reason. Wrap one (or both!) up with a subscription to Men’s Health, and give your dad a present he’ll enjoy every day of the year.

8. If your father would never get himself a Tinted Moisturizer, do him a favor and buy this cult-favorite Lab Series BB Tinted Moisturizer. Yes, it does have a touch of color that will help to even his complexion while providing hydrating and anti-aging benefits with the bonus of sun protection! And just a warning, this product is LOVED by many, so snag it while it’s available because it sells out quickly.


Razors to Stay & Go

9. You may be thinking, a razor is yawns-ville, but don’t be judgey just yet! This J. Paul 2-in-1 is going to surprise you and thrill any road warrior who receives it. Why? Each travel razor comes with shaving cream built into the handle!!! Brill, right? Maybe my fave new discovery of 2014! Plus, when your Pop is totally addicted, he’ll be happy to learn a 3-pack is only $18.

10. For the father who only wants or deserves the best, gift what I refer to as the top shelf of shaving – The Art of Shaving + Gilette ProGlide Power Razor. It’s sleek, stylish and expertly designed to deliver a grooming experience he’ll love.


Gift-worthy Grooming Sets

11. Continuing on that top shelf talk, I love, love, love The Art of Shaving 4 Elements Kits. Not only do you get everything you need to make shaving an experience you’ll actually enjoy (Yes, I’m speaking from experience here.), but you can pick the fragrance and set size that’s right for your father’s taste and your budget! The full-size kit pictured is $115, the mid-size kit is $60, and the starter kit is only $25. If you’re looking for a recommendation on scents, unscented is always the safest, but I think the Ocean Kelp is great for anyone.


12. The Jack Black Power Trip Set will make sure your dad has everything he needs for grooming on the go! Jack Black’s Daily Facial Cleanser, Beard Lube Shaving Cream, Double-Duty Moisturizer, Turbo Wash for Hair & Body, and one of my all-time favorite lip balms are included with a travel dopp kit for only $52. That’s kind of an amazing gift, no?!?!


13. Remember what I said about trusting my boys over at Men’s Health Mag? Well, this Kale Naturals HEssentials Collection has two of their travel-sized Men’s Grooming Award winners inside – Bamboo Face Scrub & Smooth Shave Cream. Rounding out the trio is Kale’s Daily Face Lotion, which I think is really hydrating and (bonus!) it’s fragrance free.

14. I’d give the Jack Black Turbo Gear Set to an All-American athletic kind of dad. He’ll get a great dual-purpose hair & body cleanser and Cool CTRL Deodorant that he can keep at home or in his gym bag. And, it’ll introduce him to Jack Black’s amazing Performance Remedy products, geared toward addressing the bumps, bruises, soreness, etc. that athletes are always facing.


15. Last but certainly not least, the Ahava Men’s Travel Kit is present perfect for Father’s Day. Each product is specifically formulated to detoxify, nourish and revitalize men’s skin with a concentrate of Ahava’s legendary Dead Sea minerals and G Force Extract.



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